Because life in all its complexity is worth writing about

About Me

Growing up, I developed a deep love for reading. At 12 years old, and having graduated from reading fairy tales, fables and myths, I started devouring books my older sisters would bring home- thick paperbacks reeking of historical drama, Mills & Boon and Harlequin pocketbooks of mushy plot twists, and yes even detective fiction as Perry Mason novels. If some people could leave no stone unturned, I could say, I left no printed page unread. Even horrifying reads that turned me into a bundle of nerves, did not escape my voracious eyes.

Inspired by the beautiful pieces of writings I encountered daily, I started scribbling my experiences no matter how mundane they are, and express my thoughts on anything I would feel strongly about. Then I moved to writing poems and short stories as far as my imagination would take me. I kept them all to myself—mainly as reminders of my brain’s capacity to explore the rich, untamed and limitless expanse of the unknown only dreamers dare tread.

It’s been more than three decades now since I started a passionate love affair with books, yet my heart still lurches when I read powerful stories that depict life in all its complexity.

I write.

My voice has been steadily coasting along the blogosphere for more than a decade using different blogging platforms, before finally settling here.

I have also authored and co-authored several non-fiction books – mostly reference materials for self-directed learners.

I teach.

Since 2012, I have stood before hundreds of  workshop participants –mostly government employees and teaching professionals—wanting to improve their communication skills, particularly writing skills to enhance the quality of workplace communication.

And while I relish teaching and inspiring learners, my ultimate dream is to come up with that one great novel (under women’s fiction) that will move my readers to their own Eureka moments as they appreciate both the heights and depths of my protagonist’s journey.

Oh, yeah, I am almost done with the first chapter (never mind if I started it eons ago).