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About this Blog


This blog unveils my internal universe.  Nope, I don’t entertain any illusion of greatness. I am one ordinary soul with a story to tell, just like you. In this special nook, I will share my experiences (both personal and professional) that have shaped the vessel that I am now.

Would the pages and posts in this site make any difference to you at all? It just might. The blogosphere has made our lives interconnected, in one way or another. Knowing other people’s experiences and learning that we’re all made from the same mold, enriches us. We all fail. We wade through quagmires of self-doubt and insecurities. We break. But in the midst of negativity and discouragement, we can also rise up.

Some of the posts here are old—made back in those days when blogging was but a platform to vent one’s angst and inner tempests, and when monetization was unheard of. I plucked them out of my old blogging site and made their new home here (leaving the stats behind–but then again, who cares?)

You might empathize, agree or disagree with me, or even refute some thoughts here. But honestly, this is not simply about me. It is also a tribute to the One who has seen me through my ups and downs, the Faithful One to whom I attribute the inner peace and joy that I experience these days regardless of the circumstances I face.

My ability to express my thoughts is His gift to me. What should I do with this gift? Use it. Share it. I would like to give it back by faithfully recording nuggets of wisdom that I learned and continue to learn from my walk in this earthly tent.

Welcome, my friend. Let me share my thoughts with you.

I am sure we can learn from each other.


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