Photo by Sam Schooler on Unsplash


(I dedicate this to a brother I loved and lost.)


You’re gone from this life of mine
Completely…irrevocably… in stunning haste
If you ask me, ‘twould never be fine
But the pain of it wouldn’t come to waste.

Like a phoenix, I will rise from the ashes
Slowly, surely, I will pick up the pieces
I will heed his voice, continue the journey
The grinding and sifting —they’re necessary.

With certainty, I’ll never be able to talk to you
Tell you my dreams and what I’m going through
To where you are now, I can’t yet go
But at the right time, God will allow me to.

As an umbilical cord is tied to the navel
The memory of you in my heart will dwell
Distant, unreachable in this realm you may be
Yet your spirit and love are always with me.

Through the wall where the tangible can’t get through
Warm thoughts of love I send the wind to you
Sweet whispers and light kisses  to eternity they flew
On your cheeks they’ll burn and exude a reddish hue.

This love from the depths of my soul I drew
Just send back  a missive,  succinct yet true
“Keep it going, my dear
 I am mighty proud of you.”

Truly, that’s all I want to hear from you
To keep me plodding, pushing and fighting
Till the curtain is torn, the wall finally broken
So that gently, gracefully I can pass through

Because the truth is…
I just want to be with you.