There’s nothing more that each of us ardently seek
Than for our sojourn in this life to be fantastic
Carefree laughter, hips swaying, wine bottles popping
Succulent steaks, dripping ice cream—fun unending.

A knockout spouse, happy kids, flourishing career
Handsome abode, phones and wheels of latest model
Nothing can be better-everything’s whistle and bells
All sweat and tears seem to have paid well.

Well-balanced and admired we all aim to be
Consistent to the gym for the abs and sexier body
On Sundays, it is time for a religious activity
And once in a while, off for some philanthropy.

But why despite it all, our heart’s still empty?
Joyless, restless, always searching…thirsty
Craving for more of what we have and see
Things the world offers—fame, fortune and beauty.

Then we wake up one day all strength gone
Alone in obscurity, attached to an oxygen tank
All the stuff we’re proud of, slipping from our hand
Like coins tossed into a whirling quicksand.

Life as what the Word of God says
is a “mist that appears and then vanishes”
Just a fleeting shadow, a mere handbreadth
We are “grass that withers and flowers that wilt.’

We realize everything we have is temporary
And there’s more that awaits us for eternity
Things that we hold precious-what our eyes see
Ashes and rubbles on that day they will be.

We are given just a short time to make a dent
The time we start to think till we catch our last breath
Which path do we choose, the narrow or broad?
Now is the time to decide– to be wise and bold.

So dearly beloved, let us pause and ponder
Let us seek the Lord Jesus, our savior, redeemer
From sin’s grip he promised to deliver
Our souls in shackles, hearts gripped with fear.

In Him are genuine peace, joy, and love to discover
What this world gives– a counterfeit bling my brother
Flashy, fleeting and beguiling — a play on our feelings
Sending us reeling to the pit of despair and ruin.

Start reading the Bible – God’s revealed Word
Wisdom, divine power in your life will unfold
The Lord Jesus bore every pain and scourge
To grant us freedom and healing from sin’s curse.