I have been in an emotional roller coaster lately and I realized as I did months and months ago when I penned an essay titled “My Emotions, My Enemy” that they (emotions) are not indeed a reliable source in making wise decisions. They will not in any way, validate whether my choices are right or not.

I am thankful for this realization. Feelings (limerent ones, especially) cannot sustain us over the long haul. They may be strong for a time—caused mainly by those mix of chemicals in the brain social scientists have identified as Dopamine, Oxytocin and what have you.

These feel-good emotions that let us believe we are transported to heaven cannot in the long run, erode those needle pins brought about by the cognitive dissonance we experience when our values and behavior start to collide from opposite ends.

That is the reason why we have to go back to the final authority when it comes to making crucial life-changing decisions. And that is none other than God’s Word. The world may bombard us with rationalizations, theories based on worldly wisdom and teachings that suit our palate and cater to our fleshly whims. At the end of the day, however, only one thing matters.

And this we should remember. When that tenuous cord connecting our borrowed life to its very source snaps, are we ready to face Him? Can we expect to hear what every child of God longs to hear?

  “Well, done, my faithful child. Come and share your Father’s joy.”

If we can say, in all honesty, that these are not the words we expect today from Him when he pulls the life rug off our trembling limbs, then it is time for a turnaround from the very things that shackle us from living out our life purpose.

This time, the will—that part of us that prompts us to act—should take pre-eminence. This must be tempered and properly guided though, by the true source of light and wisdom. When our sense of balance is shaken, when our sense of reasoning grows dim, when sobriety takes a time off, it is time to step back a little, gather our thoughts, regain composure, and realign our vision—back to the ancient path.

Yeah.. We are still alive today for a reason.

Amidst the stench of death pervasive in the mass media (strengthened by social media) brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, that still small voice within us stirs us to seek the One in whose hands our personal and collective concerns, can find meaning and solution.

No, the solution for this worldwide health crisis is not a man-made vaccine. What happens in the material realm is but a manifestation of the reality in the unseen realm.

We need spiritual discernment. This virus (whether it’s man-made or not, is no longer relevant) has placed life as we have viewed it, on a standstill. Man with all his achievements in science and technology, has failed to arrest the spread of devastation caused by this unseen enemy. This is the game changer. Once all these (the spikes in infections) have reached their appointed limit and the world stops moaning, life as we know it to be will never be the same again.

How we live out the new normal once we come out of this blanket of fear and worries that we experience now, will depend on the lessons we have learned and realizations we have arrived at.

The lockdown which forced us to stay at home has, I am certain, taught us what truly matters. It has made us come to terms with our values and maybe caused us to realign our priorities.

One thing is true amidst all these: our life is not within our control. It is in God’s hands.

And yes, we are still alive for a reason.

We woke up this morning because we have a charge from him that we must accomplish today. We rest at night, our spirit in His care, with the hope that the following day, it will be business as usual. Each day, we hope that life will lead us towards the realization and fulfilment of our dreams, aspirations, and longings.

Each day we are privileged to enjoy and experience ought to be dedicated for Him. There is no way we can win at life if we pull the plug from its source.

Yes. Let us go back to Him.

And in our decision to tread the path he has laid out for us, our emotions should not get in the way.