There you are..
Gold and resplendent
Beckoning the racer,
the ambitious, the vain.

You are everything
one can imagine you to be.

An enigma
A challenge
An obsession, even.

You represent man’s
relentless pursuit for honor, fame

He looks at you as a balm to his ego
To cloak his insecurities and
to fill that empty vacuum meant only for its maker.

Yes, there he goes…
He has been relentless to get you.
He has scaled mountains, and slayed demons for you.
He has shown uncanny discipline.

Oh such incomparable passion,
what motivation, what drive
Clearly, he has a singular purpose
Yes, to earn you, to hold you,
to possess you…

Now look at you, dear Trophy.
After being held close for a time.
After he has finally clinched you…
After being relished and held dear, albeit temporarily.

There you are…
Standing in an obscure corner.
Alone… Abandoned… Forgotten.

I touch you now…
You are cold.
As cold as the heart that initially pursued you.