I’m back to writing.

It’s been a while, yeah. It has been over two months now since I last posted in my blog. I have decided to park the pen for a while because of my frequent bouts of headache, plus the fact that I would feel spent out after I spewed my thoughts.

But now, I realized I need to record once more what has been happening to us lately since it’s only through my daily regimen that I could keep track of the latest “adventure” we’re in as a family.
Just last week, we went through a three-day backbreaking writing workshop at the main office of DENR in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. We were excited at first because we thought we would meet the new Assistant Secretary who was the main proponent of the program. She’s a dead ringer for the one who duped us at CVL a decade ago—from the way she looks to the way she talks, with the matching braces. Whew… how come there are people who could pass off for twins when they come from different poles and have opposite dispositions?

Anyway, we were out of luck, though. She was in Cebu for a work-related conference, but she was ably represented by the head of their HR department–Ms. Marcelo. The latter seemed extra-thrilled to have met us, esp hubs who gave her the idea about the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) he’s been working on as a consultant of People’s Television Network, and how they, as an agency could make it to level 4 or be system-backed up, as prescribed by the Civil Service Commission.

On the one hand, the workshop we conducted was a resounding success, though I went home with a throbbing head once more. I was delighted to hear the feedback of participants who were over the moon and profusely thankful for having been a part of the workshop. Yipeeeh! We got a perfect evaluation score based on the survey sheet we passed. Both my hubs and I were also complimented for the way we delivered the goods.

Wow, I would like to believe we are indeed cut out for teaching. I am thrilled to bits that I can create value for others simply by showing up and making good use of my talents. Oh, to think I was hesitant and lacked confidence when we started running workshops. Had I not taken the plunge and taken the bull by the horns, I would have remained the timid and coward bundle of nerves that I considered myself to be.

If there is one valuable lesson I have gained from our many years of running the same workshop, it is this: Confidence can’t be worn overnight. It is developed and nurtured. The first step though is to say yes to the challenge and not allow one’s negative conversations to debilitate one’s resolve. Then of course, the hard work comes in— preparation. Don’t go to any battle without the armor. In our case, we had to do our homework well. And we did. Part of our confidence comes from the fact that we scoured every tiny bit of information and knowledge we could digest so we could share what would matter to our clients. And yay, hearing them gush over the workshop made us truly grateful. Every brain cell cracked in the course of our preparation was just worth it.

Of course, we wouldn’t have done all the things that delighted our workshop participants without us being guided by our savior and the perfecter of our faith. I know, even as I failed to acknowledge at times, that without the Lord Jesus sustaining us and leading us all these years, we were just as doomed and hopeless as anyone else who’s out of the path. All thanks and praise are due to Him who made all things possible and gave us every opportunity to exercise our God-given talents and share them with those who need them most.


I won’t cease to be grateful. You are the Alpha and the Omega—my first and my last, too.
Truly, whom have I in heaven but you? (Psalm 73:25)