I gave my 12 year-old son a writing assignment today about the brawling incident at the Philippine Arena between the Australian basketball players and our own Gilas team members. I asked him to pen his thoughts, and after going over his essay, I felt it deserves a space in this blog. I am the Mom, so I am definitely biased. But I can say that for a 12-year old, his writing has improved a lot. And his convictions are admirable. Hub even says the boy has got his blood with his sense of family, friendship and love of country. Everything written here is entirely his (Orvik’s). The editor in me went to sleep. Read on (but remember, it’s a child’s work, so don’t treat this as an editorial).

Philippine Arena Brawl (by Orvik Samuel Flores)

If Jeff Horn cheating against Pacquiao isn’t bad enough, there are four Australians that got beaten up by an entire army of Filipinos after an Australian elbowed a Gilas player to the ground. Now the brawl was very entertaining, especially getting to see Thon Maker and his flying kicks, and Terrence Romeo’s greatest crossover in his entire career.

I’ve always liked to see fights and battles, so this wasn’t a surprise. In fact, it wasn’t even as nearly satisfying to others that I’ve seen. But honestly, seeing this made me dislike other nationalities even more. The sheer amount of disrespect on us Filipinos, and Asians, in general, is enough to make me want to break something. As far as I know, even if the Philippines Islands turn to dust, I will never migrate to another country.

I’m not ashamed of Gilas and their actions; in fact I’m proud of it. You don’t enter somebody’s house and disrespect them in their own home. From what I observed in the Philippines, if you’re looking for a fight, you’ll start a war instead. We’re small but we’re not afraid to defend our friends, and I would do the same. If you see a brother get hurt, what are you going to do? Cry and nicely ask the attacker to stop?

I personally agree that the Australians had it coming to them. I don’t know and don’t care about the trash talking and them hitting our players since there’s no proof, but Pogoy was literally about to help the guy he fouled back up until Kickert hit him on the head. You don’t do that in the Philippines, where most of the population belongs to the streets.

Of course, the brawl in itself isn’t really that bad. An event like that isn’t surprising, and the jokes and memes about it make it even better, but the reactions to it just make me so salty.

As for the Filipinos who are ashamed of Gilas Pilipinas, they don’t have the heart of a true Filipino and are better off being converted into an Australian. Who cares about World Cup and trophies, reputation and professionalism, when you have the guilt of not being able to stand up for your friends? If I let my friends and family behind and forget about them just so I could reach my goal, I’m not worthy of existence.

And then there’s the foreigners saying that Philippines is just scum, a crappy country with dirty and cowardly people, a place for prostitutes and should be banned from FIBA for life. They claim that the Philippines is nothing more than a pile of dog crap, with no contribution to the world and are just a waste of oxygen. I’m sure most helping hands will turn to dangerous fists at this point.

I’ve seen many foreigners who think they can do what they want and say what they want. From what I see, western culture has its share of garbage, with no respect, no discipline, no love and no fear of God. I don’t care if white men invented technology or if they discovered bacteria, all of it can and will burn in the fire.

Those foreigners should be thankful, because I’m very sure that this isn’t the hottest of the fire. The crowd didn’t even join in the fight, and that’s 22,000 people. Bring that brawl to Mindanao and those Australians will return home in coffins.

I honestly don’t know if looking at the reactions was a good thing or a bad thing, but at least I’ve seen the overflow of people’s hearts, but that caused my heart to overflow as well. The amount of salt in me is just enough to fry a thousand eggs.

In summary, if I were a player in Gilas, I would do the exact same thing. I wouldn’t be ashamed and I would never hang my head in shame for being a Filipino. Brotherhood is much more important than anything the world can offer us. Hopefully this will make international news, and other nations will see that if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.