Each day, each moment is a blessing. Do not let time pass by without a prayer of thanksgiving to the one who sustained you and keeps sustaining you. Each moment is an opportunity to cherish because once it has passed, you can no longer recapture it.


Since life is not ours and our time on earth is borrowed, let us press on each day with a smile in our eyes and joy in our heart. Know that we are not the master of our fate, nor the captain of our soul.
Let us then submit ourselves to the one who holds our eternal destiny. He who came here, clothed himself with human flesh (though He is eternal—the Ancient of Days) and suffered for us is with us. He hears us. He empathizes. He embraces us in the warmth of his love. Yes, he’s been there. Whatever travails we may experience in this lifetime, know that it is nothing compared to what he went through to redeem us from the darkness engulfing our soul.
When fear, doubts and worry rear their ugly heads and stare at you, take heart. You are never alone in your journey. Christ our savior, will see you through.
Sing songs of praise. Clap hands in joy. Sing, sing, sing. Your life is hidden in Christ. You will be ushered in to the sanctuary of the One who created you – the One whose love has no height, depth or width, the one who knit you together in your mother’s womb and fearfully and wonderfully made you.


You are in the palm of His hands. Be joyful, redeemed child of God.