Today is Monday, Feb 23. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. Yup, everyday since almost two years ago, I’ve been rising from bed about this early. Must be a sign of aging, huh? It has become my body clock to wake up hours before the boys come back from dreamland.
 Well, there are benefits, and some of banes, too. Though I would like it if I didn’t wake up oh too early so I could have a bit of extra time taking sweet rest. Let’s take the boons here.
 I can think of three: I get to devote more time on my communion with the Father and to study His Word; second, I have the privacy to plan on my self-enhancement agenda; and lastly, I have more hours ahead of me to execute my to-do list as a mom, homeschool teacher, DIY junkie and writer.
Indeed, there is no more opportune time to spend the quiet and solitude with my heavenly father than in the wee hours of the morning when everyone is dead to the world. This is my special time with my creator and lover of my soul who is the sole portion and pursuit of my hungry soul. I get to immerse myself in prayer, pouring out to him the depths of my thirst for a love that He alone can satisfy. Yes, it is in these times of quietness punctured by inner groans, sighs and wordless weeping and wanton flow of profuse tears that I look forward to and cherish the most everyday. At this time, I am at home with the Father! I am wrapped in his warm embrace. I am reminded of the immensity of His love as He brings to mind the sacrifice of His only son to redeem me from the wretched fate that awaited me. Oh, how lovely is the realization that the God of the universe cares so deeply for each soul.
Yes, He reveals who he is to those who diligently seek Him. And indeed He is not far. He is in my heart, my soul and my being. His Word is a delight to me; nothing and nobody else can fill the void that I have had in my heart for so long. All of the Bible has the answer to my questions on life, love, eternity–issues I have grappled with ever since I came to my senses there must be more to life than the four meals a day my palate looked forward to and the constant if not daily fantasizing sprees I used to engage in, to the weariness and restlessness of my mind.
Now, I read and endeavor to understand His word, by the power of His Spirit that is at work within me. As I search His wisdom and leading each day, He reveals truths and insights in proportion to my hunger. As I ruminate on his Word and ponder deeper on His character, I confidently exclaim, God alone deserves all the praises and glory!
Words are not enough to express my gratitude for the source of my new life.
Now down to the second boon: I plan  and think clearly on my self-enhancement/improvement agenda. Oh, I burn with passion to improve my lot as a professional. With God’s help and in perfect alignment to what He wants me to do as He has purposed from the very beginning. Right now, I have plenty on my plate –write a book, prepare teaching materials and organize existing files, improve my techie saviness by using voice over in my powerpoint presentations, keep updated with what the web offers for my skills enhancement both in writing and speaking, and so on (that includes watching educ clips.) The possibilities and ideas pour in like the immensity and persistence of Niagara falls with its current relentlessly pushing its way to the vast sea.
And the last—I have more time to do as I planned and to play my oftentimes overwhelming roles as mother, teacher writer, and yep, my latest passion–being a a home DIY junkie and decorator (this one I truly enjoy as I don’t get to stretch my mental faculties, just the creative side of me).
As the mom, the to-do list is always full. As a homeschool teacher, I need to be on top of the academic requirements of my boys and I have to guide them toward the completion of their goals each day. Sometimes we do things together–draw,sketch,stencil, paint, make crafts, write. Oh, I decorate the nest–do the walls with a bit of bling, recycle, organize anything that catches my fancy and that includes everything a door hides! There is so much to  do and yet there seems to be little time to cram up all in a day’s work. Plus of course, I have to squeeze in my blog writing and reflective exercises. The checklist never seems to clear up.
All in all though, I love what I do these days. The peace and joy I experience as I perform my varying roles simply cannot be replaced. I have now come to a point in my life where I get to savor in contentment what is on my plate. The dish is fulfilling.
All thanks to the One who gave it all.