The fam ended the year unlike the way we used to do in the previous years which was to mingle with the throng and get mesmerized with the spectacle of lights and dizzying sounds of unusual proportion. This time around, we all stayed in the quiet of our nest. The result? We welcomed the new year with a calmness of the soul—a sweet respite from the madness of revelry invented by man. Wow! Starting the year with a stillness does make you prepare for another year of exciting possibilities with out the apprehension of the unknown.
What made us mellow this time?
None other than our spiritual revival — starting from the head of the fam to the cuties and the queen of the house. 2014 had been a year of tremendous awakening, ephipany and deep insights as we all took to heart the Lord’s leading toward spiritual  growth and intimate walk with Him, both as a family and on a personal level as He revealed Himself and tenderly spoke to our longing hearts.
Who would have thought that the many months of economic drought would usher in springs of living water and unexplained joy directly from the source of life – God’s Word? He does work in ways that befuddle our finite mind. Those days of scarcity ,businesswise, gave us time aplenty to seek our blessor and get to know Him more. Oh, how we rejoice in his unveiling of who He is – the Almighty, sovereign Creator who is also a gracious father with a boundless love that not even the best of human fathers can ever match.
Though financially, we had slowed down as doors were slammed left and right, effectively crippling our once promising  business, God has enriched us as he dealt with us in the deeps of our soul. Yes, He is far better than his material blessings. He made us realize (especially my dearest hubs) that everything is “rubbish” indeed compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ as our Lord. This oft-quoted line from Paul (Philippians 3:7) found its way to our hearts, coming out of stagnation from our chest of memory verses that we parroted in the deadness of our human wisdom.
Praise God for his amazing ways to reach our hearts. Now we are through with knowledge, information and theories – which are lifeless in themselves. We want our beings to pulsate with his joy and his love so that in the overflow of our hearts we will be living witnesses of the living savior who died for us to redeem us from our wickedness.  Living for him is all that matters now. Every thing else is but a fleeting shadow –eclipsed by the hope for the glory of the One from whom all things came.
What can I say? Job’s words ring true:
                “My ears had heard of you
                 but now my eyes have seen you.
                 Therefore I despise myself and
                 repent in dust and ashes.
Paul, too, because of his intimacy with his risen savior had the confidence to say:
“To live is Christ. To die is gain.”
Lord, may we find favor in your eyes and grant us the same confidence and faith as your people of old who are now in the company of your holy ones — the cloud of witnesses now cheering for us to keep the faith and finish the race.  
With you as our portion, everything else is rubbish. 

Nothing compares to the treasure that is you.