Oops.It has been over a month again since I last jotted my experiences and thoughts. I have been overtaken again by events (and, shame on me, the procrastination bug that bites me every now and then). The word consistency is starting to nip my “conscience”. It is something I need to work on, something that ought to mark my writing life. Uh.uuh.. Am I really a writer  when I have this habit of putting off this writing regimen and sometimes suppressing my thoughts? I feel guilty at times because I’ve been spending my waking hours glued to my iPad browsing stuff that oftentimes send my head spinning and reeling. I ought to have balance in both my reading and writing time. Otherwise, the voices within waiting to be articulated and heard will be drowned out by my voracity in imbibing information that border the mysterious, even out of this world.

I have been on a ponderous mood lately. I thought about the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate which the entire fam watched for over two hours on Feb 10 on You Tube (The actual debate happened earlier). In fairness, Nye was a charming, articulate speaker whose animated  facial expression and body language revealed somebody who is passionate over what he believes in even if a number of times  his answers were punctuated with “I don’t know” and ” that’s the beauty and joy of discovery.”


While Ken Ham came off as a rather bland and serious speaker (I can’t fault him for this, a defense of one’s faith and of the authority of God’s word is no laughing matter) his faith-based arguments based on God’s book has a more solid basis than Nye’s carbon dating, Big Bang theory and evolution quips.The books of Genesisand Job pretty much explained where all things came from — living or non living.While others raised brows on the authority of Ken’s source, one’s disbelief does not and will not nullify the truth.
        The book of John tells us what the truth really is: “Your Word is truth.” (John 17:17)
When the material and spiritual collide, it is like darkness and light, yin and yang, east and west. There will be no point of convergence. Each has a viewpoint that stretches toward the opposite ends of the spectrum. For the spiritually blind, the material is the be-all and end-all of everything. He operates on a prove it to me basis. “Come on, show it to me, I have to see it to believe it” — very much like doubting Thomas’s words:
Unless I see with my own eyes and touch with my own hands his wounds, I will not believe.” Such argument was met by the Lord’s rebuttal: “Blessed are they who believe yet do not see.
In the concluded debate, it was a case of the blind versus the one with a clear vision, the spiritually dead versus the spiritually alive.
What the debate has achieved so far was to showcase the mind of the evolutionist as directly opposed to that of the creationist. Such is the wisdom of the world — the arrogance of a mind who abhors accountability to the a Great One who existed before time, space and matter came to be. But there is a day of reckoning for proud people like Nye.
“The wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. “The intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate,” so says The Lord of the heavens.
I thank Ken Ham for making known to the world the authority of the Bible as the Word of God. At the risk of being reviled and ridiculed, he did not budge and instead declared that there is a great architect and designer of the universe, that nothing came to be out of the blue or from random event. Somebody  caused it all — the One who is  magnificent, whose weakness is stronger than man’s strength and whose foolishness is still wiser than man’s wisdom. To God be all the glory alone!