It has been a week now since I joined the two-day retreat of Tita S’ OFW group on September 27, 2013. We were 16 all in all, including wonder baby boy Caleb and his kikay nurse Michelle. Save for Leb’s mom, I was the youngest in the group of middle-aged yet regal and young-looking wives who have been together through the many seasons of their lives. Yup, am new (together with beauteous sis Layds) but boy did I have a blast in that first ever retreat with the bungisngis ladies. It was truly a welcome respite from my humdrum routine. Thank heavens hubby dear finally relented after much prodding from me and Tita S.

Even if I was feeling dizzy earlier, I did prepare my things. I spent a few thousand bucks for the micro dry towel, micro fiber blanket, overnight bag and raffle gifts. ‘Twas worth it though. I would never exchange the jaw-numbing fun, love and camarederie I experienced. I felt like I was a teenager once more enjoying life to bits. Sweet, unadulterated fun, unending guffaws.. ‘Twas one helluva weekend.

Boy, did our group win in most parlor games ran by the master– Tita Tess. We also frolicked like little girls in the huge, serene pool which we enjoyed by ourselves at the Balai.

It wasn’t all shrieks and grins though. We also had contemplative moments on the insights shared by Tita S on spiritual leadership.She shared the character requisites of a spiritual leader that we ought to exhibit.

The following morning, I led the devotion on Psalms 33 and shared some insights on Bob Sorge’s Secrets of the Secret Place. Of the more than 50 secrets on igniting one’s personal time with The Lord, I picked only three to be savored by the ladies: The Secret of the Shut Door — which is the where of prayer; the Secret of intimacy (of dining with the king, returning to our first love and enjoying him in the secret place for who he is); and Secret of Beholding Jesus (of seeing Christ in the scriptures, that we read the Word to know and have fellowship with the Author, not simply to enhance one’s intellectual prowess or knowledge of the precepts).

I dissolved again to tears when I played my fave fave song — Anything that Costs me Nothing. It is a moving song that tears me apart everytime I listen to. Truly, there is nothing in us that we can offer or give back to The Lord which he does not own. Everything as in EVERYTHING comes from him and belongs to him. The least we could offer is our heartfelt devotion, our love to the one who first loved us and gave himself for us. What pure, amazing and incomparable love of a God who became flesh– the Holy one obedient to the Father even unto death. Nothing compares to the only true and living God.
I am forever thankful for this second crack at life, this time knowing and loving my maker, my deliverer, my portion, my very life.

“And he died for all that those who live should no longer for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.” 2 Cor 5:15

                                          (Photo extracted online)