August 31, 2013

3:00 AM

After hours of listening to worship and praise songs last night (Aug 30), and pouring out my burdened heart (especially the sobering thought of what would befall the earth during the tribulation), I fell into sleep and had a vivid dream.


 I was with my husband and our younger son inside what appeared to be our old L300 van. My husband was driving while I was seated in the passenger’s seat in front. Our younger son  was at the back. The car was on full speed and while we were about to pass through a bridge, it suddenly headed to the right side, straight to an open area– a high cliff and plunged down. We knew it was to be our end. Before we all hit the water below, I glanced at my son who seemed to have passed out already. We waited for the impact when all of a sudden we felt that the van was being lifted up higher and higher until we were safely dropped on the ground. My husband and I looked at each other. We knew right away a huge angel saved us. 



Next scene, I was with my sister. I was excited to share with her our family’s experience of being saved from what could be a fatal accident when three persons carrying a Bible each appeared and motioned me not to share yet. Instantly, I found myself in a glorious place ( It must be heaven. It was heaven!) I heard a magical chime, like one that   I hear in the movies when a fairy waves her magic  wand) I was with same three persons (Filipino-looking) who served as my guides. I was initially in front of our house and when I looked out, I saw a different dimension, as though I was instantly transported to a different sphere. There with me were the three persons.  — two female and one was male. It was a glorious place, sparkling with rainbow colors. I saw trees and  lush grass. They appeared to be glowing.



 I was in awe. It was a perfect place to be.  I cried as I exclaimed, ” Ang bait bait talaga niya!” ( He is so good!) One of female persons distanced herself from me and with a smile on her face, asked, ” Sinong siya?” ( Who are you referring to?). “Of course Jesus Christ!” I said. Then she smiled and nodded in agreement. She showed me her arm, “Look, there’s no more death here.” “This is a glorified body.”

As I walked down a pathway, brown puppies rushed to me as if welcoming. I heard melodies. As I stooped down to hug the puppies, one of them said “hello” in a sweet, melodious voice. I heard a puppy talk! I looked at myself and I noticed I was wearing a white garment. It looked like two pieces( a type of loose pants or skirt(not sure about this) and a white upper garment embellished with a navy blue sash. As I moved about, I found myself in a countryside. There were lots of people, in groups. Some appeared to be in a discussion, others were sitting as though waiting. It appeared to me that it was a very busy place. When I mentioned to the male guide that there appeared to be a large scale ongoing construction of buildings. He confirmed it. I did not see the constructions  but I heard the sound of construction activities.



I saw some familiar faces. some of them are fellow D-group members of my husband at CCF. I saw P in that group. I had to look twice to see if it was really him. Yes, it was him. I also met a couple from the Navigators ministry. When I asked them were the kids were, the wife said, they were left in the care of the grandparents. Apparently the couple went ahead of the kids to heaven. When I asked them how they arrived there, the man said something like “rubber wheels” (involving car/vehicle, I suppose).


Later, I asked the names of my companions. Each mentioned his/her name, but when I woke up, I couldn’t remember the names anymore. Immediately after, I woke up. I opened my Ipad and checked the time. I jotted down everything before memory could fail me.