Kiddo, Dad and I were lounging lazily inside the bedroom on a Saturday when  O matter-of-factly prattled.
O: Dad, Mom, when you are old,  I will take care of you. You both will live in my house so we are always together.

Me: Oh, that’s so sweet of you, son. I like that. But you know what?

O: What?

Me: When we are old, we’ll be like babies again. And that means, you’ll bathe us, feed us….

O: (frowns) Whaaat?

Dad: (butting in) Yes. And you’ll change our diapers, too.

O: (With a sour face and pouting lips) HUMMMPH! I don’t like it!  LILIPAT NA AKO NG BAHAY! (I am moving from this house!)

Me and Dad:  LOL!
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