We have been complimenting the kiddo as of late about his striking similarity
with one of the hottest moviestars in the country— the youthful Coco Martin. For reasons unknown to us, he pouts, frowns and angrily reacts, as though he’s received a lashing instead of a compliment. Here’s what usually transpires:


Dad: (while driving, notices the gaint billboard of Coco in an ad campaign for Max’s) Oh, it’s Orvik!

Rovik: Yah, you really look like him.

Mom: (sings, Co-coro-co-co, Paloma..) So handsome…

Orvik: (covers his ears in disgust, shouts) Nabuang na kayo kay Coco! (You are crazy over Coco!) I don’t like him!

Mom: But you look like him.

Orvik: No!

Dad: Okay. You don’t look like him.  Coco looks like you!

Orvik: (shouting) They are just the same!!!

Our Little Man

We are all amused.

Hearthrob Coco