Learning from the Heart
Lately, I’ve been brooding over the idea of unschooling.What is at its core, and why do some families adhere to it? Browsing through  various articles on the net, I found out what it is and what it is not. Here are snippets of ideas  worth ruminating:
What it is Not
1. It is not putting on the brakes in learning. You do not stop learning when you embrace unschooling.
2.It is not a relentless pursuit of fun or satiation of personal appetites and enjoyment.You cannot just do as you please and abandon your sense of right and wrong.
3.It is not despising formal learning situations and opportunities.
What it is
1. It is a change in paradigm on learning, premised on the following quote of George Bernard Shaw:
“The child should be the one in pursuit of  knowledge, not knowledge in pursit of the child.”
 2. It is living first and learning along the way. The desire to learn according to John Holt is innate in man – as natural as breathing. It shouldn’t be forced as forced learning is tortuous at best;
3. It is being connected to reality. It is not a learning confined to classroom, uncut from the rest of the world.
4. It is making sense of who you are and what you want to be, deciding to be the best at whatever you set your heart on and pursuing, without outside interference, your personal goals and passions.
5.It is taking responsibility for your education and trusting in your Maker to lead you to a life of purpose. That is, to make a difference and touch others.
6. It is unrestricted, unstructured, self-directed learning unbound by schedule. Every experience or situation, however mundane, is an opportunity for learning.
7. It is freedom from fear, from fleshly competition, from meeting other people’s expectations.
           Unschooling is living and learning. It is life learning.  Schooling is learning now to have a life in the future.

           I go for the former.

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