Welcome back, Twins. You’ve been on a four-month hiatus from blogging. Haven’t you missed racking your brains trying to document moments of the “mist?” Do you think by putting off writing, err, blogging, you can get away with it?

Nope. Been on holiday. Gotten into battle of wits against the simple (read: fools). Got stuck with domestic concerns. My hands were full, actually. A day never passed by without coco exercise. Just scan through this list.
1. November — The vagabonds were back to Mom’s birth town. We returned just in time for granny’s 74th birthday celeb. After spending eight weeks in the pollution-free city-state, the kids crinched being greeted with the smog, noise and helter-skelter of Manila. Orvik’s skin asthma resurfaced, so march to the province we did, where the rustic ambience soothed our weary senses.

2. December — First week we visited Auntie fashionista at Mother Seton after undergoing TAHBSO. By golly, the mass taken out was huge enough to be mistaken for another human being. It was the size and look of a bloody fiesta ham, with small humps and craters, where I imagined, some horrible grubs would stick their heads out. Thank goodness JP’s monster sibling didn’t cause much stir–save for its horrendous sight.

On the third week, the dino-diehard was down. Food poisoning, according to the Pedia. We assumed the culprit was the unsanitary conditions at Gran’s place. I also wasn’t able to monitor how the food was prepared, given that flies oftentimes hovered around the dining area. Yuk.


On the 26th, I had the time of my life with goody-ol friends from SSCS. We had the grand alumni homecoming and had a BLAST. Go, batch 85, go! I got to bond with the JFILTJR, without Weng, Jo, and Theresa. I also got reacquainted with the boyish charms of ol’ buddies Eric–now a doctor, Bert–a Physics prof at an Ohio University, Jason–an insurance executive, Jonathan–a whale of a hunk who is now a businessman (why, I didn’t know Iming was smitten with him when we were in our pre-teens.), bespectacled Joseph–my one-time admirer who is now a teacher, Preacher-man Dingdong, twin-bro Totoy and a handful batchmates who showed up to reconnect and join the celebration. Man, it’s been 24 years–almost 25, since our elementary graduation. Praise God for the blessings and for such unbreakable friendships.

The affair itself –attended by SSCS alumni from batch 69 to 2009–was something for the books. My, even my older brother, who I never saw sing before a crowd, crooned his trademark Rod stewart hit, “Sometimes when we Touch,” with matching pained grunts and a “chinese-gone-bankrupt” expression. We also won a thousand bucks–about 35SGD, for having the most number of SSCS graduates in the family (but of course, who could still beat us–all nine of us made SSCS our alma mater. The homecoming was a hit–both with the oldies and the newbies. I was giddy with excitement, joy and fun being where your heart always longed for–home.

3. January — We welcomed the new year at MS again, with Orvik confined for Ameobiasis.
The batch also had a take-two of the excitement left hanging by the GAH. We went to Bistro Roberto and danced the blues away. Jink prepared dinner for us prior to our dancing spree and we chatted at the Park after the Elevation band had called it a night, at 2.am. Iming almost didn’t make it to the fun. Totoy literally wriggled the stress away on the dancefloor. I huffed and puffed and stopped in the middle of the dance– while all others swayed and jumped to the beat of “Nobody, nobody but you”. Sign of aging, perhaps? Or may be just a lack of exercise.

Since the second week of Jan, I’ve been into legal battle with the loud, authoritarian airheads of my agency who thought they could get away with the law anytime. Mmmm, let’s wait and see.

Nope, the past months have not been boring at all.