From a humanistic point of view, 2008 did not deliver the goods for us. Business plans which we all thought would be the panacea to our woes went pfft, thanks to an unscrupulous de vito-look alike ectomorphic who minced no words in saying he and his partner in the US were duped by their Romanian partners. He played a little game of peek-a-boo while the point guy somewhere on a tiny island felt suspended in mid-air with the sword of Damocles about to rip his neck off.

Career-wise, hubby and I decided that I take a one-year off from the unbelievably rotten world of public service. After more than a decade of beating my brains out for a measly pay envelope, I had to raise my rickety hands in surrender. Where I used to be, truth is gagged, immorality is tolerated, wrongdoers are favored and those who stand up for the truth are punished. If you love justice, truth and righteousness, frustration will weigh you down.

Entered two wobbly knees, a burdened heart, a pained cry. With the future a little hazy, we took a few steps of faith. Well, who else would whisk us off a seemingly desperate state to another door of awesome possibilities and opportunities?– HE who was, is and is to come. Yup, He isn’t Faithful and True for nothing.

It’s 2009. For the chinky-eyed, it’s the year of the ox. For us in the fam, I’ll say it’s “oks na oks”. (I will unveil the details in my succeeding posts). Suffice it to say, I am thrilled, at peace and thankful.

I am amazed how our mighty Father works in his children’s lives– Oftentimes incomprehensible, leaves me dumbfounded, but bolsters a child-like faith. Oh yeah, NOTHING is too difficult for He who set the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth. My heart falters at times with doubt but I cannot deny the Father’s love manifesting itself day in and day out in various forms, through different channels and in steadfast fashion.Even a heart of steel is no match to the Father’s love. My heart just swells with joy and praise for my living Savior.