What have I learned from the 365 days that just passed by before my blurry vision?

I would like to believe I picked up a few nuggets of wisdom from the year that was. And why not, when I was able to pluck one hundred strands of white hair, almost a foot long, some hidden and some sticking out of my rebonded mane. Whoah! Grandpa’s clock is ticking fast.

Here’s a list of eye-opening insights I hope will see me through this brand new year:

1. If it’s not meant for you, even if you work until your brain burst and sweat with blood, you won’t have it.

This is a hard lesson for us, and the truth just screams at us in the face. My hubby and I were never wanting in talents and skills, especially my hubby whose mind is just as sharp as a Samurai.He worked hard, did his best on a particular project, gave his all–time, effort, every available resource at his disposal. Everything seemed to be in the bag, but what have you.– The outcome did not turn out as we expected it to be. Truly, human effort, no matter how it is glorified these days has its limits. ” Many are the plans in a man’s heart but is the purpose of the Lord that will be established.”

2. In connection with item # 1, Let go and let God.
We should not forget Matthew 6:33. The desires of our hearts will be filled by God alone. When we stop trusting in our abilities, the Father intervenes and gives, gives and gives more than we can ever ask or imagine.

3. When you can look at money sans the excitement of youth as if life depended on it, opportunities for stewardship of huge amounts pour on your lap, with nary an effort on your part.

Money is a tool to be used and not a master to be served. God gave it as a channel for blessings.
Being able to handle it well is a test of faith.

4. Life experience and God’s Word make one more insightful, wiser, and more humble. The deeper is your scar, the bigger is your capacity to grow as a person.

5. When every thing else fails, PRAY. You see who God is when you acknowledge your own depravity. When you pray, your attitude and values change.

6.Family matters a lot.