Kids have a way of saying things that amuse us to no end. My eight-year old son who is on his 2nd year of homeschooling under the umbrella of the Victory Christian School has lately been uttering quotable quotes that sometimes make our thinking caps spin. At other times his ramblings would unexpectedly elicit chuckles from both Dad and me, with him as clueless as ever of his wit.

An incident happened a few months ago, just weeks after Dad and Rovik arrived from a week-long vacation in Singapore. We were inside our L3 van on our way to Crossing Calamba. Rovik was unusually quiet and seemed absorbed in his thoughts. After a while, he asked the one question that both scared and thrilled me. (Let me take you in on that conversation)

Rovik: Mom, how can one become the President of the Philippines?

Mom: (surprised) Why are you asking son? Do you want to be the President of the
Philippines? (Talk about answering a childish question, with another question!)

Rovik: Yeah.

Dad: If you want to be the President, You need to prepare for it. You need to finish first your studies, take care of your health and you need to be ready mentally and spiritually.

Mom: Why do you want to be the President?

Rovik: I want to make the Philippines clean. There is trash everywhere. In Singapore,
there’s no mess. The roads are clean.

Mom: Well, that’s a good idea. But how are you supposed to do that? How can you make our country clean?

Rovik: That’s easy , Mom. I will just instruct all the mayors to clean all the roads and streets in each town by using Lysol so that dogs will not poo-poo anymore on the streets.

Mom: (chuckling) You’ll need thousands of barrels of Lysol! I’m afraid you might get into trouble son. Under GMA’s term, there was the Fertilizer scam and the NBN-ZTE scam. If you become the President of the Philippines, you might get yourself embroiled in a scam also – the Lysol scam. Oh, no!

Well, secretly, I was thrilled that he’s nurturing ambitions to be a great leader. He’s a big dreamer in a small package. Given proper guidance and godly direction, he will be on his way to reaching his dreams!